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Writing essays on a particular topic we have to remember that essay has to be a clear statement of someone’s opinion organized according to the standard of the general essays comprising introduction, argumentation (body) and conclusion.
Firstly, for the essay to be a solid one we have to put the definition of respect as a phenomenon in the beginning. And the writer is also responsible for this definition to be culturally adopted, therefore, to be understandable in the culture and for people for whom he or she is writing.
However, the whole point of this essay is in that it should reveal your own and individual definition and understanding of respect as an integral part of interpersonal relations in the modern society and a society as the category not attached to any historical epoch as well. If you’re one of the busy students searching “who can write my essay for me cheap” then you can ask EssayPa professional writers for help.
There are two approaches to the notion of respect, which can be implemented in essays. The one is the respect as a feeling, which evokes to be expressed towards the people you recognize as the ones whose point of view you would adhere to or the ones whose merits you recognize. In such a way respect is a feeling, which turns into an attitude.
Another approach is to define respect as some kind of ethics code, which unites such a globalized and international world we live in nowadays. The respect essay should also contain some contradictions as for the opinions of other people on this topic and it would make it more interesting and intriguing.
Besides, as a writer, you should also be interested in the sources of respect and in the method to reproduce this attitude towards others. We should mention that everything begins in kinder garden and school, where children are to work in groups and respect each other at work and game companions. That is the basis, which could not be ignored.
Your essay should also stress that our world is full of opinions and to be an individual and developed and successful personality we should filter all the information other people are trying to impose on us. To stick to your personal principles is the best way to live your own and original life without the troubled understanding of doing something unfitted.
Therefore, the conclusion of a successful respect essay should emphasize that respect towards others and yourself is the best thing we could teach a child from the early age and that this is a foundation for his or her successful development as an independent member of a society, who respects others, however, sticks to his or her own opinion and does not follow other people’s mistakes.