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The Publicity Department

The Publicity Department will be working hard throughout the year to provide all members with the necessary information about what the society has to offer. The department will aim to get everyone involved in social, mooting, writing, sporting and general academic events. It is here to advise and inform its members about the best methods of maximising their use of the Law Society.

The biggest highlight of the year of course will be the mighty Law Ball but all other Law Society events will equally be as fun and rewarding. So come on and get involved in what this society has to offer!

Adelaide Kirby

External Affairs

External Affairs – it certainly doesn’t sound like the most exciting aspect of one of Warwick’s largest student-led societies, whose action-packed timetable will keep your legal minds and alcohol-consuming mouths busy all year round!

However, it is an essential part of ensuring that the Warwick Law Society constantly meets the needs of its members. Below is a quick run-down of how good external links can help you…

Legal Careers Events 2006-07

A student-led careers service

So you’ve got you’re A-Levels, chosen a university (good choice, by the way), and now you’re looking for a career which will reward you for all your hard work. In association with the university’s Career Service, and with a little bit of work of our own, we hope to provide students with a diverse selection of events and advice which can allow you to make the right choices from the outset of your legal career.

First of all, you’ll probably already know that the route to becoming a lawyer is a complex one. There’s the academic stage, where you acquire a qualifying law degree, or read for another degree and then take a one-year conversion course (the GDL or CPE). Then there’s the vocational stage – the Legal Practice Course (LPC) for all you budding solicitors, while would-be barristers take the Bar Vocational Course (BVC). You’ll also want to have secured a Training Contract or Pupillage at some point, as well as take part in a Vacation Scheme or Mini-Pupillage to make sure that your final choice is the right one for you.

We hope to answer any questions you may have through the following events:

Law Firm Graduate Recruitment Presentation Evenings

City law firms are always keen to meet Warwick students, and feed them with posh sandwiches in return for their attention. If you are interested in a career as a commercial solicitor in the City, keep your eyes peeled over the coming months for details of such events.

Skills-based career sessions

This year we would like to introduce a number of events which allow you to get a feel for a particular law firm, or whether a career in law is the right choice for you. We are in talks with firms and hope to organise smaller events based around vital skills, such as negotiation, commercial awareness and interview techniques. We will let all of our members know the details of these events when they have been finalized, and would look for students to sign up for these highly beneficial events in advance.

Law Fair

The Law Society will provide you with details of Warwick’s annual Law Fair as it happens, so you won’t miss out on perusing countless glossy brochures and finding out how much a lawyer actually earns!

National Pupillage Fair

For those of you considering the barrister route, we have traditionally organised a trip to Lincoln’s Inn, London, for the National Pupillage Fair, a chance for budding advocates to rub shoulders with the best the Bar has to offer.

Additionally, you can always contact the External Affairs Officer, Matt Butter, or any member of the Exec, who should be able to point you in the right direction with answers to any burning questions you may have.

External Events

The External Affairs Officer is in constant contact with other members of the Exec, to ensure that events such as inter-university sports and mooting can be run as efficiently as possible.


External Affairs plays a big part in creating the capital which allows any events within the Law Society to happen. We are in direct contact with potential sponsors who love to provide us with cash for garish sports kits, honourable mooting judges, champagne-soaked socials and the infamous Law Ball.