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Sign up for the Internal Mooting Competition

A Moot is a mock trial where two teams compete by arguing a fictitious legal case in front of a Judge in a court (usually this is simply a seminar room). The case (“moot problem”) will concern various contentious legal issues and points of law. It is then up to the two teams, the Respondents and the Appellants, to present their side of the case to the judge.

In deciding the outcome of a moot, the Judge looks at how well the case has been researched, how well the research has been applied to the facts of the case and how accurately the relevant laws have been interpreted. However, although the Judge places significance on the specific law, the skills of advocacy and persuasion that each team employs are the deciding factor in choosing the winner. This means that the law may not be in your favour, but if your argument is compelling enough you can still win the moot!

This can sound all a bit daunting at first, but we are here to show you that mooting can not only be great fun but can improve several indispensable skills such as public speaking, persuasion, research and critical thinking.

We will be holding many mooting related events throughout the next year, including a demonstration moot and mooting seminar in week one, an internal competition starting in term two (there is a cash prize involved here!) and external moots with other Universities. We will also be holding various drinks receptions at these events for you to get to know your fellow mooters and mooting officers. In addition we hope to hold a mooting drop-in session during the internal competition, so we can offer you any advice you may need. Exact details of all these events will be posted in the Law School and on the website in due course.

As your mooting officers we are here to help you so please feel free to contact us.

Anna Stubley and Sapna Modi