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Mariam Akanbi
17 January 1986
Rome, Italy

Why did you run for this post?
I worked on the Obiter Dicta sub committee in my second year (2005/06) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also realised how great a magazine Obiter Dicta is and realised I wanted to have more of an input into its creation.

Describe your role in the Law Society
As co-editors of the magazine, Zoe and I will be in charge of the overall production and distribution of the magazine.

Future career?
I have decided to pursue the corporate law route. I hope to gain a training contract with a law firm in London. So far, I have found great interest in competition law and also employment law within the corporate fields.

Describe yourself in 5 words
More than just another feminist!

Any hobbies?
Retail therapy, fashion, the 60’s era, Motown music (and music in general), cooking (especially Italian and Nigerian), dancing contemporary and Latin and reading novels when I have the chance!

Favourite place
Podenone, Italy (where my mum lives), I love to go there when I just need to relax, as my mum’s house is surrounded by mountains and fields.

Favourite song
It changes often but at this point in time, I think it would have to be Shakira "Hips don't lie".

Who/What inspires you?
This is going to sound cheesy, but seriously, my mum, she is an amazing inspiration to me in so many ways, her outlook on life, her determination to succeed, her success, and her altruism.

Best memory of last year
I was the Vice-President of the African and Caribbean society last year so I would have to say the celebration with my friends after any significant project that we completed.

Best piece of advice for freshers
Have fun but also work hard, if you get into good habits now it will help you in the future, but still HAVE FUN!

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