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Zoe Brocket

Name: Zoe Brocket
E-mail: [email protected]

Why did you run for this post?Having spent last year on the Sub-committee I wanted to further my passion for the magazine and be more involved in the production process.
Describe your role in the Law SocietyBoth Mariam and I will be responsible for the production of the magazine which involves editing, proofing and obtaining advertisements to eventually result in a magazine we can all be proud of.
Future career?Practising law.
Describe yourself in 5 wordsAmbitious, optimistic, approachable, creative, diligent.
Any hobbies?Art, reading, watching 24, spending time with friends.
Favourite songHere Comes The Sun – The Beatles, plus a million others.
Who/What inspires you?Photographer Lee Miller.
Best memory of last yearLoads including Law Ball (of course), Rootes BBQ and the Gala Concert.
Best piece of advice for freshersMake the most of every opportunity you get at Warwick and strike a good balance – don’t work too hard.

Mariam Akanbi

Name: Mariam Akanbi

Date of birth: 17 January 1986

Place of birth: Rome, Italy
E-mail: [email protected]

Why did you run for this post?I worked on the Obiter Dicta sub committee in my second year (2005/06) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also realised how great a magazine Obiter Dicta is and realised I wanted to have more of an input into its creation.
Describe your role in the Law SocietyAs co-editors of the magazine, Zoe and I will be in charge of the overall production and distribution of the magazine.
Future career?I have decided to pursue the corporate law route. I hope to gain a training contract with a law firm in London. So far, I have found great interest in competition law and also employment law within the corporate fields.
Describe yourself in 5 wordsMore than just another feminist!
Any hobbies?Retail therapy, fashion, the 60’s era, Motown music (and music in general), cooking (especially Italian and Nigerian), dancing contemporary and Latin and reading novels when I have the chance!
Favourite placePodenone, Italy (where my mum lives), I love to go there when I just need to relax, as my mum’s house is surrounded by mountains and fields.
Favourite songIt changes often but at this point in time, I think it would have to be Shakira “Hips don’t lie”.
Who/What inspires you?This is going to sound cheesy, but seriously, my mum, she is an amazing inspiration to me in so many ways, her outlook on life, her determination to succeed, her success, and her altruism.
Best memory of last yearI was the Vice-President of the African and Caribbean society last year so I would have to say the celebration with my friends after any significant project that we completed.
Best piece of advice for freshersHave fun but also work hard, if you get into good habits now it will help you in the future, but still HAVE FUN!

Obiter Dicta

The theme for Autumn Term is “International Perspectives on Law”.
Get Custom Essay Writers help at this site. The deadline for articles is the end of week 6.
Note that this is an open theme. Other articles are also accepted.
Obiter Dicta is the University of Warwick Law Society’s termly publication and is entirely student run. It provides a platform for students to voice their opinions on a variety of topics, each issue focuses on a theme but unrelated articles of interest are also published. Articles range from the informative to the controversial. Contributions also come from practitioners, trainees and academics.

The magazine is circulated to all leading UK law firms and barristers along with the entire law school student body and alumni.

Along with articles, features and interviews, the magazine contains the Purple Pages which provides comprehensive advice for students on what they can do post-study whether it be in the legal sector or advice on alternative careers. There is also a section on the Law Society that keeps students up to date with current events within the society.

Obiter Dicta is your chance to get published and have your say so get involved!

The themes for the editions and article deadlines will be posted on the Warwick Law Society website as soon as they become available.

Article Guidelines: articles are to be submitted to [email protected] only.

In order to be considered for publication each article must be accompanied by the author’s NAME, DEGREE TITLE, YEAR OF STUDY and WHERE THEY COME FROM and all articles must be given a title.
Articles should be submitted with full references and foot notes. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
The Co-Editors reserve the right to publish or reject any of the submitted articles.
If you need any more information, help or advise please get in touch.

Your Co-Editors,

Mariam Akanbi and Zoe Brocket

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Thanks to everyone who attended the Sports Tournaments in Exeter and Sheffield. A 3rd Place finish at Exeter and a 4th Place finish at Sheffield was not as good as we had hoped for, but I am pretty sure everyone had a good time. Thanks very much to Burges Salmon and CMS Cameron McKenna and my counterparts at Exeter and Sheffield who helped organise everything. Hopefully we will be sending teams to a tournament in Reading in March.

Netball: Weekly training is on Tuesdays at 4pm on the Westwood Courts, everyone is welcome to attend. Matches will be arranged soon.

Football: Training times change weekly, but a likely slot is Mondays at 4pm on the Astroturfs. The KPMG league is now up and running, and we look like strong contenders this year.


Up and coming events include a Ski Trip to France from the 16th to the 24th of March 2007, exclusively designed for Warwick Law Society; a mentoring pub quiz; weekly viewings in collaboration with Warwick Law Cinema of exciting films with relevant legal content, and a themed cocktail party building up to the famous Law Ball, and the holidays, of course! This term promises to be crammed with great socials, so make sure you’re at the party!

Speaking of parties, the first ‘I HEART LAW STUDENTS’ social was an unforgettable experience. Combine law students, karaoke, and personalized t-shirts in a bar, and you can imagine what the result was. Let’s just say the Spice Girls, Tom Jones, and The Village People would be proud.

Joelle Dudelzak and Maria Wall

Law Ball

Law Ball tickets are on sale NOW! Buy your ticket online from the Students’ Union Ents page or from Advance in Union South. Tickets are £50 for Law Society members and £55 for non-members.

Note: Paper tickets will be available for all ticket holders in Term 2.

February 24, 2007 at the picturesque Chesford Grange Hotel

Enjoy a sumptuous three-course meal, wine, live entertainment and dancing all night. Warwick’s own Jaffa Rose will open the night. The main act will be announced in Term 2. Past acts have included Nate James, Jamelia, Liberty X and Trevor Nelson.

An elegant and exciting night for you and your friends.

Tickets go on sale in Week 5, Term 1. There are limited tickets, so buy early to ensure you don’t miss the best night of the year!


Note: This project is not run by the Law Society, so please contact the person in charge of this project.

“Justice, Colourful”

This is a project that aims to dramatize legal cases. We will be producing films that recreate leading law cases to facilitate legal learning. If you want to take part in this project please come by to talk to us at the Societies Fayre on Thursday or Friday. You can participate either by acting, helping out with the production and there’ll be some other tasks that we’ll also need help with. This is a great opportunity to take part in an innovative project…and also having a great time!! We will be supported by the Law School and its staff, so no need to worry if you’re not experienced! We look forward in seeing you soon at the Fayre!

Contact Lucas Bento on 07810553111 or [email protected] for further details.

Pro Bono

Custom Papers Writers” derives from the Latin meaning “for the good”. The phrase is used to describe legal work undertaken voluntarily.

Getting involved in pro bono gives students the chance to gain a greater understanding of how the legal system works in practice, something that cannot be gained by merely studying law. As these projects offer a vital service to the community, pro bono work also gives students the chance to give something back to society. Obviously this type of work looks great on your CV. It is a good way to demonstrate key skills that employers look for, such as communication, leadership and team work.

This year, the Law Society has more projects running than ever before, which means we want as many people volunteering as possible. The amount of time and commitment needed varies with each project. However, as many people rely on the services that these projects offer, anybody getting involved must be prepared to honour their obligations throughout the year.

This page will be updated regularly to let you know of any upcoming presentations or new projects. Emails with this information will also be sent to Law Society members. If you would like to receive this information but are not a member, please contact Jane Randell.

Please also contact Jane if you have any questions or would like to sign up for a project. Alternatively you could email the project leaders directly (click on the project link for details).

Coventry Refugee Centre

The centre was set up in 2001 to deal with the many refugees being dispersed to Coventry. The Asylum Team offers practical assistance to those seeking leave to remain, helping individuals understand the process and ensuring that they are getting the support they are entitled to. The centre also offers assistance to those who have been granted refugee status, providing help with accommodation and settling into the community. Students are involved in all of these areas, providing essential support to meet the ever increasing demand for help.

Street Law

The legal system has a huge impact on everybody’s life yet many people know little about the issues that can directly affect them. This project enables students to go in to local schools to discuss areas of law that may be of relevance to the pupils, with the aim of demystifying the process. The classes are interactive and encourage critical thinking of the topics discussed.

Victim Support

This organisation provides support for those who have recently become victims of crime. The volunteers make house calls to provide practical and emotional support to help individuals cope with traumatic events. Volunteers are offered extensive training to assist victims at this crucial time, with students gaining a greater understanding of the criminal legal system.

St Oswald’s Advice Centre

This project has been set up in a deprived area of Coventry to offer legal assistance to the community. The centre has only one permanent staff member and therefore relies entirely on Warwick students to provide support.

Warwick Legal Advice Centre

This is a new project for September and different from many legal advice centres. It provides education and information to the local community on legal issues so that individuals have the knowledge to avoid legal problems occurring rather than waiting for a problem to arise before taking action. Students will give talks in community centres, produce leaflets and distribute posters to ensure people are getting the most out of the legal system.

Justice Project

This is another new initiative designed to help those who have been victims of miscarriages of justice. Students, working closely with lecturers and solicitors, will research into the evidence or law regarding a specific individual’s case with the aim of getting the case re heard. Several high profile miscarriages of justice have recently been brought to the public’s attention and demonstrate how crucial legal support is for those individuals wrongly imprisoned.

If you would like to apply for the project, you will need to fill in an application form. This can be found here. It will need to be completed and returned to Andrew Williams by email by the 24th November 2006.

To find out more information about some upcoming projects please click here.


Sign up for the Internal Mooting Competition

A Moot is a mock trial where two teams compete by arguing a fictitious legal case in front of a Judge in a court (usually this is simply a seminar room). The case (“moot problem”) will concern various contentious legal issues and points of law. It is then up to the two teams, the Respondents and the Appellants, to present their side of the case to the judge.

In deciding the outcome of a moot, the Judge looks at how well the case has been researched, how well the research has been applied to the facts of the case and how accurately the relevant laws have been interpreted. However, although the Judge places significance on the specific law, the skills of advocacy and persuasion that each team employs are the deciding factor in choosing the winner. This means that the law may not be in your favour, but if your argument is compelling enough you can still win the moot!

This can sound all a bit daunting at first, but we are here to show you that mooting can not only be great fun but can improve several indispensable skills such as public speaking, persuasion, research and critical thinking.

We will be holding many mooting related events throughout the next year, including a demonstration moot and mooting seminar in week one, an internal competition starting in term two (there is a cash prize involved here!) and external moots with other Universities. We will also be holding various drinks receptions at these events for you to get to know your fellow mooters and mooting officers. In addition we hope to hold a mooting drop-in session during the internal competition, so we can offer you any advice you may need. Exact details of all these events will be posted in the Law School and on the website in due course.

As your mooting officers we are here to help you so please feel free to contact us.

Anna Stubley and Sapna Modi